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CAProWin is an application that will provide customized method of Resource management and Client management for CA industries. This application is cloud base software and is accessible anywhere, anytime in devices compatible with Android, iOS and Windows operating system.


Integrated solution for manage your jobs for CA Firm. CAProWin keeps track of job plans, job progress, over due jobs, budgets, costs, risks, disbursement and much more.Store all job information in a single repository that can be shared across your firm according to access rights. specifically, the application will help in the following areas in streamlining and tracking,
· Resource Planning/ Management – Provides a view of the resource to which the work is allocated, to whom this has been assigned to and also the available resource to which the work can be allocated.
· Resource Allocation (Taskwise) – CAProWin helps in Job tracking, reminds in meeting the required deadlines and status on the pending jobs.
· Timesheet Management – Employee performance tracking through time sheet entry.
· Invoice Management – Timely invoice generation, which helps in avoiding revenue leakage.
· Disbursement & Approval Management – Reduces the Agreed cost than that of the Actual cost.
CAProWin provides Email and SMS support for effective communication between the Client and the Employees, ROI will be minimum 5% for the customers with CAProWin.